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PAN Card Distributor TIN Card Distributor


Process of pan card through onlineagents.in :-

1) Take necessary singed Xerox copies

2) log into online agents business partner code  admin ,fill all the form

3) Upload necessary signed copies in the online filled form

4) Click on the register button below

5) Amount will debit and take print of filled form

6) Note the reference ID

7) Courier to” AJ univers ” all the hard copies with in 3days by written reference ID on courier

8)  Once   registered with in 24hr Tran’s IP will generated

9) You can track status with the Tran’s ID

10) Customer will get PAN Card 7 to 15 days


Online Agents is providing PAN card Distributor

investment 16,500/- non refundable  and commission 5/- on every Application where on 110/- each application.

PAN Card Distributor can add unlimited retailers under Distributor , and get auto commission on each pan retailer on selling New Login profit  or you can give unlimited New Login for free and get commission for every pan transaction

Online Agents is providing first time online PAN CARD Application very fast in processing

just fill the form online and submit







  1. Original Application Form (Attached) after pasting photo and Sign :
  2. Original attestation copy of pan Card
  3. Original attestation copy of Any ONE of below Residential Address proof
  4. Telephone Bill (Not older than 3 months)
  5. Electricity Bill (Not older than 3 months)
  6. Water Bill (Not older than 3 months)
  7. Gas Connection (Not older than 3 months)
  8. Aadhaar card
  9. Bank Statements signed by the Bank
  10. Service Tax /VAT/Sales Tax registration certificate
  11. Property Tax/Corporation/Municipal corporation receipt
  12. Driving Licence
  13. Voter ID Card
  14. Passport
  15. Certificate of Registration for owned Vehicle.
  16. Office Address Proof : If your office / shop address is different from the above mentioned address, please get attested the certificate. This is valid only for IRCTC records

Before Attesting the Documents, please note the following:

  1. The supporting documents should be attested only by Group A/B Gazetted Officers / Bank Manager (Nationalized Bank) / Post Master / Govt School Principal
  2. The Attesting Officers should also specify their Name, designation, office address and contact number.
  3. Signature of Gazatted Officer should be with Green Ink (Green Colour)
  4. Signature of Applicant should match with signature in your pan card every where
  5. Signature of Applicant should be with Blue Ink (BLUE colour)


HOW TO FILL Application FORM


Application is very sensitive document and please note the following before FILLING the document.


  1. Take Print out of Application  Form (Attached): It should be completely on plain paper both side (Do not fill the Application  Document)
  2. Photo should be passport size and should be original (not valid scan photo)
  3. Signature should match with signature in your pan card every where
  4. Signature should be with Blue Ink pen (BLUE colour)
  5. Paste the photo and cross sign over the photo.
  6. Sign above Signature of applicant (under Declaration)
  7. Each documents should be in 1 page
  8. All documents should be very viable and readable
  9. Please send us an additional photo without signature

Courier address

  • Address: Online Agents
  • # 7-2-227, SRT-6, 3rd Floor.
  • Sanath Nagar Bus Stop, Hyderabad-500 018.
  • Phone: +91-900 00 44 7 00
  • Office:  +91-40-6 55 44 7 00
  • E-Mail: info@onlineagents.in
  • For New Business :  sales@onlineagents.in


PLEASE REMEMBER TO Mention your USER ID / Agent ID / Mobile No.


IF YOU DO NOT HAVE OFFICE ADDRESS PROOF, PLEASE PROVIDE Valid Office address proofs of Pan Card Holder

  1. Electricity Bill
  2. Telephone Bill
  3. Registration Certificate – in English

If there is no office / Shop address available in the name of Pan card holder, please provide

  1. an affidavit (format attached) attested by notary on Rs.10 Stamp paper.