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IVM Answering Attendant Software

Complete voicemail, call attendant and IVR solution for Windows

IVM answering attendant software is a complete voicemail, call attendant, interactive voice response, or autodial telephone management solution for small to medium businesses. There are many exciting ways you can use IVM to provide information and better serve your customers:

IVM can also be used for a wide range of solutions from a simple computer answering machine to running a sophisticated telephone interactive response system. Just run the install file and IVM will be ready to answer calls. Then, when you’re ready, you can explore the advanced key response and programming options.

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Typical Applications

This software is an effective phone management solution for small to medium businesses, giving you the power to set up any combination of these features to meet the unique requirements of any business.To help get you started, a number of example IVR files are included with IVM. After you have read the IVM manual and learned more about modifing IVR programs, these samples will give you an example of the basic setup for each particular task that you can expand upon.

Answering Attendant Features

Answering Attendant

System Requirements
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Pricing and Purchase
Outbound Calls
Connection Options
 – Telephony Boards
 – Voice Modems
 – VoIP Services
Questions (FAQs)
Technical Support

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Recommended Hardware

Telephony Boards
Voice Modems
USB Phones
IP Phones
FXO Adapters
Other Hardware…

System Requirements

IVM can connect multiple telephone lines with a professional telephony board or voice modem, directly to a VoIP service, or to a PBX like Axon. If you intend to use IVM with a voice modem, please note there are many voice modems on the market with defective TAPI wave/voice drivers. If you have difficulties with your modem, please see the IVM Troubleshooting Help page for some solutions to modem driver problems.

VRS Recording System

Multi-Channel Audio and Telephone Recorder Software

VRS is a professional, digital audio-recording application with robust recording options in a simple interface for easy day-to-day recording.

Download VRS Radio Recording Software Download VRS Multi Channel Audio Recorder Software

VRS can record multiple audio channels simultaneously with automatic level control and digital signal processing to improve voice intelligibility. Recordings are automatically compressed and can be searched by date, time, line or other data.

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Voice Recording SoftwareRadio Recording SoftwareCall Recording SoftwareVRS Recording Screenshots >>
General Voice Recorder Features
Radio Recording and Station Logging Features
Telephone Recording Features

VRS Recording System

Recording Features
System Requirements
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Questions (FAQs)
Technical Support
SDK development kit
Pricing & Purchase

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Recommended Hardware

Multichannel Sound Cards
Phone Line Interfaces
Telephony Boards

Computer Requirements
Sound Recording Hardware Requirements

VRS is a 32 bit application, so please make sure your hardware comes with 32 bit drivers. If you have a 64 bit machine, you need to choose to install the 32 bit TAPI files for VRS to work properly.

Call Recording Requirements

To use VRS to record calls you need either:

See Call Recording Scenarios for call recording setups

Need A Different Recording Solution?

MSRS Recorder

Record multiple microphones to a single audio file instead of multiple individual files.


TRx Phone Recorder

Manually record phone calls on a single telephone line with TRx Phone Recorder.


RecordPad Audio Recording

General voice recording software for quick and easy sound recording on your computer.


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Axon Virtual PBX Windows Software

Manage phone calls for your business or call center

Axon is a virtual IP PBX for Windows designed to manage phone calls in a business or call center environment.

This software works as a fully featured telephone switch connecting to phone lines and extensions using state-of-the-art VoIP technology, offering all the normal features of a traditional PBX routing all calls within a business.Combine Axon with other telephone applications in our telephony suite to customize a complete phone system to fit the specific needs of your business.

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PBX Software Features

* License dependent, click here for more information on the different licenses.

Complete, Scalable PBX System

Any business, whether small or large, can now implement a scalable VoIP based PBX by installing this software on any PC.
We have made the Basic Edition of Axon 

with the hope that as your business grows you will upgrade to the Axon Business or Enterprise Edition.

Axon can also be used in conjunction with any combination of these other NCH telephony applications to design a phone system around your specific needs, you only pay for the features you need.

System Requirements
Extension Device Requirements

  Computer or Server

For testing, before you buy VoIP phones, we recommend you use our Express Talk Softphone.
External Line Requirements***
VoIP Lines

  Traditional Analog Lines
Analog lines can be connected using one of the following:

*** Unless you have existing lines, the preferred option will always be VoIP lines.
Companies offer VoIP numbers in almost all cities of developed countries these days. They are better quality, cheaper and you don’t require any special hardware because calls are routed over the internet. Click here to see a list of recommended SIP providers.

IMS Telephone On Hold Player

Computer based messages on hold and music server

This software mixes and plays music and messages to your callers while they are on-hold or being transferred. One of the main advantages of using a computer is automation (eg. date sensitive messages) and easy user control over messages.

On hold software gives you complete control over your messages and access to state-of-the-art features that have never been available in on hold messaging before. If a studio produces your messages for you, they can update the presentation messages over the Internet.

Typical Applications
Related Software

IMS is part of the Intelligent Messaging Series of applications by NCH Software which also includes:

System Requirements

Install this software on any Windows or Mac computer and connect the computer’s headphone socket to the music on hold port (MOH) on your office phone system. No additional hardware is needed and IMS can run in the background so you can continue to use the computer as normal.

Express Talk VoIP Softphone

Make phone calls using your PC or Mac

Express Talk works like a computer telephone. Call from your PC to any other computer with a softphone installed. Additional signup with a VoIP service provider to use express talk to call regular telephone numbers as well.

Softphone Features
Additional Business Features

Dial Dictate Telephone Dictation System

Call in dictations and send via email

This phone dictation system lets you, and other users, dial into a computer running DialDictate to record dictation. Record, replay, edit and manage files by pressing numbers on your telephone keypad. When you have completed a recording, DialDictate will send the dictation to your typist for transcription.

With DialDictate you can phone in dictation using most telephones. From a single user to a multi-national company, DialDictate is suitable for any number of users making telephone dictation a quick and easy option for anyone needing to remotely record dictation.

Download and install the DialDictate telephone dictation system now to try it out. It only takes a couple of minutes to complete the installation process and start the  trial. If you don’t have telephone lines available yet, you can use the Call Simulator to test DialDictate. The default user access code is 0#.

Dial Dictate Features

Quorum Telephone Conference Server

Phone Conferencing Software for Business

Quorum is software which runs as a phone conference server on any Windows PC. Callers dial into the server to join telephone conferences.

Callers can connect to a conference call using either standard or VoIP lines on external telephone numbers or through an office phone system. The number of people who can join a conference call is limited only by your bandwidth.

When the caller selects the option to create a new conference Quorum will assign and read back the unique and secure conference number. The conference creator then gives this number to each conference participant. Whenever any person dials the server and enters this conference number, they will join in the current conversation with the other members of the conference.

You can download Quorum and try it on any Windows PC. The bundled “Call Simulator” or a VoIP service can be used for testing. You don’t need to purchase to download and it only takes a couple of minutes to complete the process (click here to install). After you have tested the system and found it to be suitable, you can purchase a software license (click here to purchase).


TRx Phone Recorder

Computer Phone Call Recording Software for PC and Mac

TRx is a phone call recording program for Windows and Mac OS X. With TRx phone recording software you can manually record telephone calls, view caller ID information and put callers on-hold with on-hold music.

Phone Recorder Features

* optional and subject to hardware and telephone network featuresonlineagents.in_flight_booking

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