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Become PAN Card Agent

In India if you want to start a business or want to join a company you need to be familiar with Pan ( Permanent Account Number ) which gives individual the approval from government authorities to do financial transactions, Pan Card is the laminated plastic card consist of ten digit numbers which is allocated to pan card applicant. Online Agents group has introduced Pan Card service in order to provide timely deliverables to pan card applicants.

In this regard Online Agents Retails has opened outlets in different states across the country to help the applicants in pan card application process. The biggest concern for pan card applicants is how to fill up the pan card application form and where to submit it. However no need to worry as Online Agents comes to their rescue which renders efficient service to customers.


  1. New PAN Card application


  1. Application for lost or changes in Pan Card

Step 1

  • ·         PAN card coupons to its Distributor cost  in Rs. 108/- in advance.
  • ·         Distributor  shall download the form  through web site :

·         Distributor had to prepare Stamp for PSA CODE.  Format attached

  • ·        Distributor can trace the Pan Card application status through site i.e.

Step 2

  • ·          Distributor will fill up PAN Card application form for the customer as per the instructions given in the form.
  • ·          Distributor will fix up one given coupon on application form and will fill up same coupon number on customer acknowledgement part of the application form.
  • ·        Distributor will issue acknowledgement to the customer.

Step 3

  • ·         Compulsory:

o   CP has to write PSA code (1MH7895) on the top of the application form.

o   CP has to write (A O code) Area Code / AO Type / Range Code / AO No. in the given column of Application form. For eg.; Mumbai CP’s has to write down MUM / W / 23 / 9.

o   For AO Codes for your circle kindly use the Link: .>Services>PanCard>Search For AO Codes Details.

  • ·         CP will courier the collected forms to UTITSL given address at the end of the day: