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The recharge market in India is vast and is on the lookout for new channels to expand. Currently, the market can be broadly split into two – offline and online. The offline sector is dominated by scratch cards that are distributed by telecom players and sold through retail outlets ranging from cellphone sales and repair shops to the more generic pan shops. On the other hand, the online recharge business is serviced by several channels – the service providers through their own websites and recharge through RDS have been the traditional methods here.

Currently, the market is dominated by recharge cards than by e-recharges. The scratch card segment works through a PIN recharge model, wherein a telecom service provider sells a 16 digit PIN to the user through the scratch cards. For this, a number of background processes take place at the service provider’s end including the generation and scrambling of the 16 digit PIN, printing it and then the customer (or more usually the retailer) SMSes the code to the service provider to recharge the customers account.

Typically, each service provider has multiple recharge plans (usually 5 or more) running at any time and each telcom circle has about 5 players. So, a retailer has to stock 25-30 different varieties of scratch cards. In practice, the retailer stocks only the more popular plans and some times is even selective about the service provider. So, a given retailer may actually stock under 10 different recharge options, so we can use only one amount for all networks of telecom operators like all mobile recharges and all DTH recharges.

The margins in the recharge business is wafer thin, with the retailer earning between 3-3.5% margins, There is no concept of wholesaler in this business. For most retailers, recharge cards are top-up income or at best help draw customers who may also buy something else from him. More money is to be made from activation (selling a new prepaid SIM card to a customer and activating his number) than from selling a recharge coupon. The online recharge model does away with the retailer.