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Agent Discussions

Benefits’ rules for Government Authorized Railway Booking Agency :

1 ) What is Government Authorization for Railway Ticket booking ?

Ans ) Providing a Government Authorized Legal  Links for unlimited booking with all agent rights.

2 ) Is Legal License necessary to sale IRCTC railway tickets for Railway Agent ?

Ans ) YES , Legal License is mandatory for Agent to sale IRCTC railway tickets.

3 ) Is unlimited IRCTC general railway reservation booking PNR’s agent can book ?

Ans ) YES , IRCTC Agent can book unlimited IRCTC PNR’s.

4 ) Is unlimited IRCTC SLEEPER  railway reservation booking PNR’s agent can book ?

Ans ) YES , IRCTC Agent can book unlimited SLEEPER IRCTC PNR’s.

5 ) Is unlimited IRCTC A/c railway reservation booking PNR’s agent can book ?

Ans ) YES , IRCTC Agent can book unlimited A/c IRCTC PNR’s

6 ) Is unlimited IRCTC 2 TIER A/c  railway reservation booking PNR’s agent can book ?

Ans ) YES , IRCTC Agent can book unlimited 2 TIER A/c IRCTC PNR’s

7 ) Is unlimited IRCTC 3 TIER A/c  railway reservation booking PNR’s agent can book ?

Ans ) YES , IRCTC Agent can book unlimited 3 TIER A/c IRCTC PNR’s

8 ) Is unlimited IRCTC SENIOR CITIZEN  railway reservation booking PNR’s agent can book ?

Ans ) YES , IRCTC Agent can book unlimited SENIOR CITIZEN IRCTC PNR’s

9 ) Is unlimited IRCTC S  WAITING LIST railway reservation booking PNR’s agent can book ?

Ans ) YES , IRCTC Agent can book unlimited WAITING LIST IRCTC PNR’s

10 ) Unlimited IRCTC s RAC railway reservation booking PNR’s agent can book ?

Ans ) YES , IRCTC Agent can book unlimited RAC IRCTC PNR’s

11 ) Unlimited IRCTC s TATKAL railway reservation booking PNR’s agent can book ?

Ans ) YES , IRCTC Agent can book unlimited RAC IRCTC PNR’s

12 ) Unlimited IRCTC SECOND (SITTING) railway reservation booking PNR’s agent can book ?

Ans ) YES , IRCTC Agent can book unlimited SECOND (SITTING) IRCTC PNR’s

13 ) Unlimited IRCTC EXECUTIVE CLASS railway reservation booking PNR’s agent can book ?

Ans ) YES , IRCTC Agent can book unlimited EXECUTIVE CLASS IRCTC PNR’s

14 ) IRCTC Agent can book TATKAL railway reservation booking  ?

Ans ) YES , IRCTC Agent can book  TATKAL railway reservation booking

15 ) When TATKAL railway reservation booking will open for IRCTC Agent ?

Ans ) Agents / RTSAs/Web service agents/Web agents of IRCTC are restricted from the booking Tatkal tickets                      between 1000 hours and 1200 hours. This restriction shall be enforced through frequent inspection at the                     counters. The agents both web service agents and web agents shall also be restricted from booking                               Tatkal tickets on the internet between 1000 hours and 1200 hours.

16) Is the Trade License is required for taking the Railway Agency?

Ans ) No , Trade License is NOT required for taking the Railway Agency

17 ) How can I get the funds for booking the Ticket? Will it be arranged by self or Online Agent will give the                             Credit Limit?

Ans ) IRCTC Agent have to deposit to Online Agents then the same funds approved by Online Agents for booking                 IRCTC reservation tickets to IRCTC agent 

 18 )  In the documentation portion i.e. (E mudra Form, Registration Form & Nodal Form ) will be provided by you?

Ans ) YES , (E mudra Form, Registration Form & Nodal Form ) will be provided by Online Agents through online                       the same documents should be sent send by IRCTC agent by attestation hard copy to Online Agents .

19) Is the RAC in IRCTC Railway Agency?

Ans ) RAC stands for Reservation Against Cancellation in Railway ticket booking

20) How to identify IRCTC Railway Agent booked ?

Ans ) Agent details will appear on bottom of booked IRCTC ticket 

22) What details will appear on Agent booked IRCTC ticket ?

Ans ) Agency Name , contact number , email id will  come will appear on IRCTC agent booked ticket

23) Will IRCTC Agent get web login or software login from unlimited IRCTC booking  ?

Ans ) Agent can get any one of  web login or software login

24) While IRCTC Agent can use net banking , credit card , debit card or cash card ?

Ans ) No , Agent do not have rights to use net banking in some cases even used 2.5% charges applicable

25 ) Is IRCTC AGENT LOGIN is different by comparing to customer login ie

Ans ) Yes , IRCTC AGENT LOGIN is difference from customer login ie

26 ) For IRCTC Agent ticket bookings amount , agent did has to be deposit amount every time to book                                      unlimited tickets in ie ” AJ UNIVERS “ ?

Ans ) Yes , IRCTC Agent ticket bookings amount , agent has to be deposit amount every time to book                                          unlimited tickets in ie ” AJ UNIVERS ” 

27 ) Can Cancellation of  IRCTC agent booked ticket can be canceled at any IRCTC COUNTER or other IRCTC agent           or by customer ?

Ans ) No , Cancellation of  IRCTC agent booked ticket can not canceled by customer , any other IRCTC Agent or                    at any IRCTC COUNTER only booked IRCTC Agent can Cancellation 

28 ) What is the profit IRCTC AGENT will get if teak IRCTC AGENCY ?

Ans ) Yes , IRCTC AGENT will get min 15,000 /- to 1 lac the way and communication of his Business 

29 ) What did IRCTC AGENT need, To do RAILWAY AGENT Business ?

Ans ) Yes , IRCTC AGENT need ” INTERNET , COMPUTER ( Any of only browser to open ) , PRINTER ” 

30 ) If  IRCTC AGENT started Business after taking RAILWAY AGENCY can he put Board ?

Ans ) Yes , IRCTC AGENT can put Board of any size as per musicality rules of that area

31 ) Did Online File TDR option is available for RAILWAY AGENT ?

Ans ) No , Online File TDR option is not available for IRCTC AGENT

32 ) How if web login or software not work in case for IRCTC AGENT, When urgent cancellation ?

Ans ) Yes , IRCTC AGENT can send mail with his register mail ID with all details as  ( Customer name, PNR , journey details and customer and AGENT contact details ) to or 

33 ) How if RAILWAY AGENT  got refund problem in  web login or software login AGENCY ?

Ans ) Yes , IRCTC AGENT got refund problem he has to mail customer of PRINCIPAL AGENT or for solution with full customer details 

Ticket Details:-
PNR Number Transaction Id Train Number From To Date of Journey
Passenger Details:-
Sl.No Passenger Name Age Sex Reason for TDR

15 ) Cancelation charges applied as for IRCTC rules

16 ) refund amount of IRCTC AGENT booked ticket will be re refund in same login with in  24 working    

         hr’s of IRCTC

17 ) if Cancelation problem in IRCTC AGENT LOGIN as forget password , out of station , website not

       opened or any other cause “  agent can send mail ticket with all details to

18 ) After train departure also IRCTC AGENT can cancel booked ticket as applying TDR

19 ) TDR amount will come within 45 working days of IRCTC

20 ) TDR cancelation charges as for IRCTC provisions

21 ) IRCTC AGENT TATKAL cancelation also agent can do refund amount as for IRCTC provisions

22 ) IRCTC AGENT can do business from any ware as form home or shop with register place

23 ) Approx profit for month to IRCTC AGENT is 10,000 to 30,000 as for his communication

24 ) as for IRCTC provisions IRCTC AGENT should not do illegal business punishment jail or upto 200000 

25 ) every time all above details will change as for IRCTC provisions

26 ) IRCTC agents has to book tickets only via internet that also which we gave only that login not                           

       even personnel login if did this 1 year jail or minimum 25000 has to pay


Note: PAN card and Mobile Number given should not use before in IRCTC agency, this offer limited and

Please give your correct contact details to communicate for our reference, Regular agency cost is 20,000, I personally suggest you to don’t let this offer. If u need existing Agency of others name you can get it by today itself.


url for demo for irctc agent booking : CLICK HERE

. Signature of Gazetted officer with stamp or any nodal officer on 

1) ID Proof

2) Address Proof

Mandatory proofs

1) PAN Card

2) Address proof: Driving licence, Voter Card, Bank Statement (latest), Pass Port

3) E-mudra Form (signature on photo across)

4) Registration form

5) Nodal form (signature on photo across) 

Address of hard copy to be sent :

  • Address: Evergreen E commerce services
  • C/O Evergreen E commerce Services
  • # 7-2-223, SRT-512ground  Floor.
  • Sanath Nagar Bus Stop, Hyderabad-500 018.
  • Phone: +91-900 00 44 7 00
  • Office:  +91-7207044700
  • E-Mail:


url  for document download update and submit 1 :CLICK HERE


url for document download update and submit  2 : CLICK HERE


url for document download update and submit  3 : CLICK HERE

34 ) When TATKAL railway reservation booking will open for IRCTC Agent

From 15-06-2015 IRCTC Agent can Book TATKAL Tickets on this timings Only ” Opening Tickets at 8:30 AM, AC Tickets 10:30 AM, Sleeper 11:30 AM

IRCTC Agent can Book TATKAL Tickets on this timings Only

IRCTC Agent can Book TATKAL Tickets on this timings

Dear Business Partner’s,


As we all are aware that IRCTC has migrated our system  on NGeT for  faster booking process.

Some of our users may face the error  while  railway bookings. For the same request you to kindly share the below check list to your  sub users.

Check list /New booking process :

  1. Make Google Chrome or Internet Explorer as your default browser first.
  2. Login with the tab available on your desktop & proceed for rail booking.
  3. At the end when you will click on payment option, system will ask you to enter dongle PIN.
  4. After submission of dongle PIN, system will ask you to enter ‘Transaction Password’. At this time you have to enter transaction password.


  1. Transaction password has been sent to you on your registered email id on 3rd Nov 2015 with the subject line- Migration of your user profile to Next Generation E-ticketing system of IRCTC.
  2. Transaction Password is case sensitive (if you are coping from Email-Please don’t copy the space along with ‘Transaction Password’)
  3. For cancellation of your rail ticket, kindly connect your dongle first then process .

If still having any doubts/query then talk to our Help desk. (040 – 6 55 44 7 00) or talk to your sales  contact person.

List of Gazatted Officers for Approve irctc Agency or railway Distributor 

  1. All India Services through posted to states
  2. Promotes from States to the Cadre of Assistant Commissioner and above
  3. Police Offices – Circle Inspector & Above)
  4. Additional District Civil Surgeons
  5. Executive Engineers and above
  6. District Medical Officer & above
  7. Lt. Col & Above
  8. Principals of Government Colleges and Above
  9. Readers & Above
  10. Section Officer
  11. Block Development Officer
  12. Tahsildar
  13. Junior Govt. Doctors
  14. Assistant Exe Engineer
  15. Lectures in Govt. Colleges
  16. Headmaster of Govt. High School
  17. Magistrate

Dear New Colleagues or New irctc Agents

Please find below the updated new irctc Application  Process from August 2015 onwards in BRIEF & DETAILS. Only after getting documentation approval from Approvals, we can register the agent in IRCTC.  Valid documents in Application  are mentioned in given form. No Notary / attestation would not accept:


Procedures for Rail Application – Brief

  1. Documents should be uploaded directly through IRCTC
  2. We will submit the agent’s data in Application  immediately after receiving the given valid Application  form
  3. Video Recording should done by Applicant
  4. Applicant should provide 3 answer through video recording by clicking the link
  5.  Application Receiver checking the Video Record Submitted or not by applicat.
  6. If video record done by Applicant Receiver will approve the documents
  7. Mobile Verification sending to Applicant in his registered Mobile
  8. Applicant should call Receiver from his registered mobile and Receiver will ask same question and matching the answer provided through video
  9. SMS : Applicant should send a SMS from registered mobile Applicant verified through IRCTC
  10. If everything OK, Receiver send Challenging pass Code in his registered Mobile
  11. USB Token Generate
  12. Registering agent in IRCTC
  13.  Applicant will receive Couriering USB Token along with commercial license to agent / sales person
  14. ur customer Care team will call the agents and will support the agents in all manner. If video record and mobile verification not done by applicant or email not received from Receiver let us know


Procedures for Rail Application – Detailed

  1. Receiver Officials themselves is authorized to attest the document, if the applicant present by person in front of any of their branch in Indian with pan card copy and valid address proof.
  2. Receiver provides a biometric machine which connect with Aadhar Card details of Applicant. After getting finger print from Aadhar card Holder, we can immediately generate USB Toekn if you came to ” AJ Univers ” of and Start Railway Ticket new Agent Booking with in 30 mint’s  
  1. We will submit the agent’s data in Receiver immediately after receiving the Application form and after the submission of your documents, you will get an email from Receiver immediately mentioning Application  No. and Applicant Name. A video link will be displayed in the mail: It means the Applicant need to sit in front web cam and click on the video link mentioned Click Here.if you do not have web cam, you can access the mail any other system where web cam is working. You should submit video record within 24 hrs.

First Step


irctc new agent processes

Second Step

irctc new agent processes

irctc new agent processes

You need click on Allow and close and your video will be shown in the screen and click on Start Recording

Three questions will be displayed in the screen an you should provide the correct answer for the three questions properly and submit. You should give answer YES for the question of Have you applied DSC certificate.

  1. We will submit the hard copy of your application within few working days in Receiver Officials and they will check your video recording, if submitted. If not submitted they will keep pending the application. If Yes, and your documents are OK, Receiver Officials approves the physical application form. Applicant will an email again from Receiver Officials for Mobile verification in following modes (from the mobile number mentioned in application form):
  2. Voice : Call Receiver Officials mobile verification number and answer 2-3 questions to confirm the identity of the applicant.
  3. Text : SMS to Receiver Officials Self-Service number in specific format and complete the verification.

eMudhra SMS based verification number: +91-9945211399

Format: VERIFY <Application ID> <Birth Date in DDMMYYYY format>

Example: if application ID : 1234567 and Date of Birth is 09/12/1960

verify 1234567 09121960

  1. Immediately getting the challenging pass code from you, we will register you in IRCTC
  2. We will courier the USB Token along with IRCTC Commercial License to you.



  1. Original Application Form (Attached) after pasting photo and Sign :
  2. Original attestation copy of pan Card
  3. Original attestation copy of Any ONE of below Residential Address proof
  4. Telephone Bill (Not older than 3 months)
  5. Electricity Bill (Not older than 3 months)
  6. Water Bill (Not older than 3 months)
  7. Gas Connection (Not older than 3 months)
  8. Aadhaar card
  9. Bank Statements signed by the Bank
  10. Service Tax /VAT/Sales Tax registration certificate
  11. Property Tax/Corporation/Municipal corporation receipt
  12. Driving Licence
  13. Voter ID Card
  14. Passport
  15. Certificate of Registration for owned Vehicle.
  16. Office Address Proof : If your office / shop address is different from the above mentioned address, please get attested the certificate. This is valid only for IRCTC records

Application is very sensitive document and please note the following before FILLING the document.

PLEASE REMEMBER TO Mention your USER ID / Agent ID / Mobile No.

IF YOU DO NOT HAVE OFFICE ADDRESS PROOF, PLEASE PROVIDE Valid Office address proofs of Pan Card Holder

  1. Electricity Bill
  2. Telephone Bill
  3. Registration Certificate – in English

If there is no office / Shop address available in the name of Pan card holder, please provide

  1. an affidavit (format attached) attested by notary on Rs.10 Stamp paper.


Activate within 3 Hrs:

Applicants should have Aadhar card, pan card. Applicant should reach our ”

               Within 15 days : Applicant should courier the documents after attesting the document from any gazetted officer. We will submit the document in receiver office and you will get an email from receiver with a link of video recording where you should provide 3 answers in front of web cam. After video recording we will submit your application in Receiver who checks the video recording matches the application. If yes, they will approve your document and you will get an sms in your mobile. You should call / send sms to Receiver office to match your mobile No. If you have done everything you will get an sms of challenging code and we will courier your USB token through courier and immediately we will register you in IRCTC and you will get OTP in your mobile and email from IRCTC. We required both mobile and Email OTP received from IRCTC to activate through our portal. Our team will always call and support you upto issuance of rail ticket at your end confidently. You can also call us any time support


IRCTC Cancellation for Agent more than one passenger :

In case of party e-ticket or family e-ticket issued for travel of more than one passenger,        some    passengers have confirmed reservation and others are on the list of RAC or waiting list, then in          case of passengers or RAC or waiting list not travelling, a certificate shall be obtained from the        ticket checking staff to that effect and refund of fare shall be processed online through TDR,   indicating the details of the certificate issued by ticket checking staff and the online TDR shall be           filed upto seventy two hours of actaul arrival of the train at passengers’ destination and the       original certificate issued by ticket checking staff shall be sent through post toGroup General             Manager/IT, Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation Ltd., Internet Ticketing           Centre, IRCA Building, State Entry Road, New Delhi – 110055.


Tatkal Charges applicable for journey starting from 24.12.2015 onwards

Class of Travel Minimum Tatkal Charges (in Rs.) Maximum Tatkal Charges

(in Rs.)

Minimum Distance for charge(in Km)
Reserve Second sitting (2S) 10.00 15.00 100
Sleeper 100.00 200.00 500
AC Chair Car 125.00 225.00 250
AC 3 Tier 300.00 400.00 500
AC 2 Tier 400.00 500.00 500
Executive 400.00 500.00 250

8.30 a.m. for general bookings, from 10 a.m. to 10.30 a.m. for Tatkal AC classes, and from 11 a.m. to 11.30 a.m. for Tatkal non-AC classes, the Railways said in a statement.

And below charges for per passenger

IRCTC Service Charge Plus service tax as applicable Agent Service Charge (Inclusive of services Tax) Total (IRCTC + Agent) Sleep er AC Sleeper AC Sleeper AC 20 + Service Tax 40 + Service Tax 10 20 30 + Service Tax on IRCTC’s Service charges 60 + Service Tax on IRCTC’s Service charges The above charges are inclusive of Service Tax. Service Tax as applicable should be shown separately in the receipt issued by the Second Party. These charges are as fixed by Indian Railways and are liable to change without notice at any point of time.