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EBooks Creation

 eBooks is a buzz word today with the Publishing Industry witnessing a very sharp shift from conventional print publishing to digital publishing. This is well supported by many eBook readers of many hand held devices. Sky Base helps you to reap the benefits of Digital Publishing by creating engaging content or transforming your existing content and cater to this emerging market.

We create superior quality eBooks by assisting you in design, management and optimization of the eBook publishing process and establishing a flexible publishing capability that helps you adapt to future market dynamics. Sky Base’ team of experts is committed to use the best possible technologies for eBook production. We offer cost effective digital eBook solutions for devices like Apple iPad and iPhone, Amazon Kindle™, Nook, SONY® eBook Reader, Android and Mobipocket readers.

Offering you eBook creation services, Sky Base creates new revenue stream for you with extensive reach to your target audience, reduced time-to-market, conformity with IDPF’s ePUB industry standard and rapid conversion of large volumes of content into different formats at exceptionally low costs.

Sky Base’s eBook production workflows operate like clock-work, setting the benchmark for success with scalable eBook production. We customize and manage eBook production processes for your unique content, saving you considerable time and money. Going beyond a project-to-project relationship, we will partner with you to design, build, and deploy end-to-end eBook workflows to fit your production and budget goals.




Enhanced EBooks


Today, the evolved reader is looking beyond conventional eBooks and desires an enhanced reading experience which is attractive, appealing and engaging. The key is to bring technology to books, leading to creation of enhanced eBooks with rich multimedia, animation, interactivity, and much more.

Sky Base offers you the expertise of our media designers, technologists and content developers who are equipped to satisfy the needs of the evolved reader. We are capable of converting conventional printed books as well as eBooks into enhanced and interactive content.

We offer creation of enhanced eBooks with specialized features:

  • Addition of rich and engaging media features such as audio, video and interactivity
  • Hidden searchable text and collapsible tables of contents which makes navigation and selective reading more convenient
  • Internal linking with footnotes/annotations/cross references/indexes
  • External linking with associated websites/social media sites /geolocation/directions

The much awaited ePUB3 is now out in the market and is slowly yet steadily being acknowledged as the widely accepted format for eBook delivery with the industry body IDPF is playing a vital role in the cause. eEUB3 allows addition of enriched content (audio, video, media overlays, speech), supports complex content (maths-MathML, high-design textbooks), global language support, new and changed functionality (semantic inflection, content switching, navigation, scripting and triggers). Our team has indept understanding of the features and functionality of ePUB3 to help you create exciting enhanced eBooks catering to educational, leisure and research reading needs of your readers.




Fixed Layout EBooks

Fixed-layout eBooks are created with the exact graphic design layout as their print book counterparts that cannot be altered by any reader, as opposed to the standard “reflowable” formats in eBook files. Fixed-layout eBooks are a popular format today, especially for children’s picture books, cookbooks, coffee table books, travel books and business/textbooks, which contain heavy formatting, and lots of tables and graphics.
Sky Base offers you fixed Layout ePUB conversion services, creating fully-functional HTML-based eBook files with provision for including enhancements to make them more interesting and interactive. Fixed Layout eBooks are created with “full-bleed” (edge-to-edge) artworks through a complex production process, more akin to typesetting a page on the device screen. It involve manipulating the fixed format layout publication file, controlling the page layout, position images and embed fonts, to create a single image page spread with layered elements.
All the prominent eBook retailers (Amazon, Barnes & Nobles, Apple, Kobo) and the International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF), have developed precise fixed layout formats and our team of expert media designers, technologists and graphic designers are fully trained and equipped to produce such eBooks while retaining printed page fidelity and providing scope for richer presentation possibilities. Fixed Layout format eBooks are ideally suited for titles which contain multicolumn text pages, page design, design elements, illustrations, artistic photography, fixed aspect ratios, original art, color and graphics that impact reader comprehension and enjoyment.



Rich Apps Development For IOS And Android

oday, Publishers need to make content available to the mobile-centric digital readers when and where they want it, and on devices that are fast, exciting and easy to use. Sky Base helps you to meet their expectations by leveraging mobile platforms to distribute your content products as new, innovative and interactive Apps.

Apps are small, device-specific software applications which are more feature-rich than traditional eBooks and extend the utility of intelligent devices such as the Apple iPhone, iPad and the Google Android. We offer customized app development, integrating rich media features such as audio, video, animation and 3D, mapping services like Google Earth, Instructional learning aids such as simulations, quizzes and demonstrations and social connectivity through Facebook, Twitter and other social media channels.

Being a leading Content & Technology Solution Provider for the publishing industry, we can develop compelling and effective Apps in a cost-efficient manner. Our team of mobile application development specialists has in-depth technical knowledge and experience to help publishers completely re-imagine how their content can be represented in rich media formats. To minimize cost and maximize portability, our App developers use open standards and separate content from programming whenever possible, while always applying cross-device standards and the latest and best practices of interactive design.



Ancillary Content Development


Sky Base has been at the forefront of providing end-to-end customized publishing services for the industry. Adding to its array of services, we now offer creation of flexible and customized Ancillary Content Development for publishers as per their requirements. We have the technical expertise required for this service, which is in turn supported by our editorial team, which uses deep knowledge of publishing domain to meet your requirements.

Sky Base enables publishers to support their online content with online publishing tools that include:

  • Image collections (thumbnails, downloadable in PDF and JPG formats)
  • PowerPoint presentations (including insertion of images as required)
  • Documents in DOC/PDF format (includes instructor’s manuals, case studies, assignments, etc.)
  • Test banks or quizzes (includes multi-choice, true/false, and other such question & answer formats along with rationales and randomization)
  • Flash-based image labeling exercises and flip cards with terms and definitions
  • Audio collection (including terms and pronunciation)
  • Videos & animations (including conversion to compatible MPEG format)

We would be happy to provide you our Ancillary Content Development services, enabling you to meet the growing demands of evolved readers, especially in the Educational sector.